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№15, 2004г.

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Last December 7, 2003, in Russia there were held elections to the Duma. This election, which Putin declared as "the main political event of the year", again showed the two faces of the regime and the so-called "democracy" as practiced by the. present regime.

At a time when 2/3 of the, population lives practically in poverty, the tremendous millions of rubles that were spent on this election by the present bourgeois regime, it is practically impossible for genuine representatives of the working class to be able to get elected into the Duma. The so-called "Left Parties" headed by the CPRF, whose smaller number of representatives were elected into the Duma, are depended on either one group or another for financial help of the bourgeoisie. In fact and practice, these elected "deputies" cannot be considered "left" at all. All those that were elected into the Russian Duma are and have become part of the Russian bourgeoisie state and beholden to them.

The only left and really Communist Party is the AUCPB, which called the people to boycott these elections. The results are like this — More than 44% of the voters boycotted the elections, thus showing their dislike of the present regime and the farcical election. On top of all this, more than 4% of voters that voted - voted against all of the parties. If we put all these factors together, there were more than 51 million people that voted against the present regime.

This is in spite of 24 hours per each day, that the regime spent billions to try and hoodwink the minds of the people through, radio, TV and their press. The decisions that are made by the Duma, most often carry only a "suggestive character", because in most cases the Putin's. Upper Chamber, veto's any law that might be passed by the Russian Duma. You think that the resolutions, demanded by the working class of their so-called "representatives" will become law? Think again.

But we do not despair or become despondent, regarding our class struggle. Now the lines are becoming drawn in all of the factories, industries and business enterprises in political and practical discussions. The main lines of discussions are carried on by the young members of the AUCPB, who are optimistic in this struggle for the minds and hearts of the workers.

We are certain of the coming revolution that will cleanse our Motherland of traitors and pseudo-communists. We are also certain that sooner than later the world revolution will cleanse this world of capitalism and the so-called "bourgeoisie and their democracy."

Nikolai Galin

The author of translation: M.Lucas


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Revolution,AUCPB,AUYGB,bolshevik,Bolshevism,socialism,USSR,sickle and hammer,red youth,communist

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