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Dear comrades,
We have gathered here, in the centre of Saratov, to express our protest against terrorist policy of bourgeois state and to appeal the large masses of working people to resist.

The next reform initialised by this regime of capitalist restoration is directed to change the order and form of housing and communal services. According to it, the state reform of housing and communal services led by bourgeoisie is aimed to increase housing fees for population to 100%. But it is no more than a next portion of lie.

The population pays 150-200% of its consumption for years!

Consumption standards are several times increased, in fact for majority of communal services. For example. It is considered that one person consumes 300 liters of water a day. If fee is 90% he pays accordingly for 270 liters. A privileged veteran pays twice less, i.e. for 135 liters. But real consumption does not exceed 60-80 liters a day.

Today water and heat may not reach the consumer at all, but he has to pay for them. Even according to official data of the State Building company, 40% of heat and 25% of water are lost on their way. In fact this rate is much higher. And all these losses are automatically laid on population.

The bourgeois reform of housing and communal services comes only to permanent increasing of communal fees during unprecedented and steady decreasing of life level of working people.

More than a third of Russian population have now income less than the living wage, i.e. they live in misery; a half of population live in poverty. Only a small group of bourgeois villains makes profit of it and lives luxuriously, builds palaces for themselves on our account. Now this group tries to lay the burden of housing and communal reform on working people, on the poorest.

The counter-revolutionary regime having robbed and destroyed all the communal services (created and adjusted during the Soviet era) is now neglecting it and going to lay off the duty of its restoration.

Evicting people from their flats for debts for housing and communal fees has already begun!
How long should we be patient for this humiliation? We must declare firmly and clearly that if the bourgeois intend to conduct their reform let them conduct it on their own account!

The housing and communal reform on the acoount of bourgeois but not working people!

Salaries debts have started growing in different regions and different fields. Why dont we suggest evicting the bourgeois from their palaces for salaries debts? Why dont we demand evicting the government from its building for salaries debts? It would be just.

The counter-revolutionary regime subsequently destroyed during the years of its existance all the gains of socialism: the right for labour, the right for free education, the right for freedom of moving (the majority of working people cant afford a far trip to relatives), the right for free medicine, etc. Now newly just brought to light rich are going even to take habitations away from working people.

Every worker must realize that principal improvement of life is impossible while the regime of capitalist restoration is in power, the life will be going worse and worse. So we appeal to you to join the struggle for new and better life!

Grigory Atomov

Translation: Maria Donchenko





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