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№16, 2004г.

Revolution AUCPB AUYGB bolshevik Bolshevism socialism USSR sickle and hammer red youth communist





The bourgeois-terrorist regime of the Russian Federation "hid" the young Bolshevik Anton Kass (sentenced on March 17 to 6 months in jail). According to Putin's autarchy they took temporarily from our ranks a dedicated activist. The police tried to sow discord, to discredit other Bolsheviks from our ranks in the Saratov organization of the AUCPB. But their intestines are too thin.

The informed working class showed the bourgeoisie and its president a tremendous kick in the pants during the presidential election. About half of the Russian people, especially the youth, de facto took a stand against this false election and against the provincial helpers of Putin, who kiss his ass and bow before their boss.

Overlooking the present regime's repression against our party, the AUCPB, we did not lose our influence over the masses, and were able to launch an effective campaign geared towards boycotting the election. The plans of the Governor Ayatskov of Saratov Region to guarantee a large per cent of voters taking part, as he promised Putin, was undermined and the people's boycott was a success.

No matter how the reactionary forces would be agonizing, no matter how they will try to terrorize the representatives of the working class, their deserved end is coming soon. And as this counterrevolutionary regime gets more panicky and brutal, the counterforce against them is growing and will be victorious.

We held fast and became even much stringer. We received an unforgettable lesson in the struggle against a repressive regime.

The future is ours, the future is revolution!
Long live the Revolution! Death to capitalism!

Grigory ATOMOV,
Chairman of the Youth Bureau of the Central Committee
All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks

The author of translation: M.Lucas


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Revolution AUCPB AUYGB bolshevik Bolshevism socialism USSR sickle and hammer red youth communist

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