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№15, 2004г.

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The campaign by Putin and his cronies to get elected for another term (since the first term as President, Putin was put in - Editor) - from a political point of view this is of no interest. Other candidates for the president are there as toys to be shuffled everywhere as a screen to be seen as he has opposition. All is done to make certain that Putin has no opposition from anyone, and that the voting will go on as planned without any interruptions.

It is obviously clear that Putin will become again the president.

The bourgeois system of elections in all the capitalist countries is such that it is practically impossible to make any radical changes by the so-called opposition parties or personalities who are behooved to the influential money cartels and business interests. In other words, the "elections" in these countries as in Russia now, is between the candidates who have huge amounts of money, supplied by their benefactors and to whom they are tied to.

In Russia now, in order to collect the number of signatures required to run and register yourself as a candidate for president, you need no less that $2 million dollars. To promote yourself over the TV, radio, press - you need a much higher sum that the $2 million. You can see as to who is or will be a candidate, you have to be a millionaire yourself or have the big business support you. And the one that pays the piper -calls the tune.

Among the candidates for president here, there are none that represents the working class or farmers.
The only logical step is to boycott the election and thus show your opposition to the present regime.
We are appealing to the working class not to take part in this election. We are asking the people not to delusion themselves.

But we are aware that with this boycott we are not going to be able to cancel the election or question the legality of the elected president. But we must and we will try to open the eyes of the electorate as to the falseness of the election and the shady dealings that are being made and will be made in order to guarantee that Putin gets elected.

Our effort must be to convince as many of the masses to boycott the election as possible. By voting against all the candidates, that person is also falling into the trap of the bourgeois oligarchy.

Our slogan must be "Down with the President and the Presidency!" This is a call for workers solidarity and the higher understanding of the thick fog that surrounds these elections.

Down with the Presidents!

Nikolay GALIN

The author of translation: M.Lucas


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Revolution,AUCPB,AUYGB,bolshevik,Bolshevism,socialism,USSR,sickle and hammer,red youth,communist

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