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№15, 2004г.

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2003 was the 50m Anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin. For us, Stalin is not only the renowned Generalisimus and the leader of the USSR, or the liberator of Europe from fascism. To us, he is known as Koba, the youth revolutionary, a pupil and helper of V.I.Lenin, becoming the true follower and leader of Lenin's teachings, heading the Party of Bolsheviks and of the Soviet State.

Our party, the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB), from the moment of its inception (1991), carries on one of the key struggles against anti-Stalinism, exposing the lies, the anti-Sovietism, whose main role is to help the bourgeois'counterrevolution. We did a tremendous amount of work in dispelling these vicious lies and provocative arguments. The name of Stalin shines and will shine forever in the minds of mankind.

Now, even the representatives of the present regime often fall over themselves to say and print positive points about Stalin, trying to gather the votes in their electoral ridings. Many of them, and we can include Zyuganov of the CPRF, is forced to admit and recognize the great achievements of Stalin and the Soviet Union under his leadership. We are carrying on massive propaganda work about the ideals of Bolshevism, without which there could never have been the successes of socialism and of the Soviet state.

Today, you often hear from people, who are at their wits end from these "reforms" (read, the permanent robbery of the workers), that "today there is a need for Stalin!" In these words, you can sense that the sentencing of those responsible for this tragedy will be severe and swift.

It is only under the banner of Lenin and Stalin, under the banner of Bolshevism that the workers can throw off themselves the yoke of slavery, so that our Motherland can again become the shining star. That is why on our party's badge there is a portrait of Lenin and Stalin.

Grigory Atomov

The author of translation: M.Lucas


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Revolution,AUCPB,AUYGB,bolshevik,Bolshevism,socialism,USSR,sickle and hammer,red youth,communist

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